Wildflower & Ghostnote

Branding, Interiors, Digital, Hospitality


Design of community friendly, branded vegetarian canteen that changes to a music venue in the evening.

The brand represents the dual nature of the space, with the logo always leading from an edge to suggest movement. The interior was created to sit well within the environment and to allow for maximum flexibility. The space adapts to multiple configurations as it changes from café to music venue.



"We are very pleased and proud of our venue. The branding is great and the look and feel of the space is fantastic. The challenge to create two co-existing venues within one space with a different, yet unified feel and design within a grotty car park in Peckham has been achieved. The general disbelief that we have created such a fantastic space with the challenges we had is testimony to the great working relationship with BusbyWebb."

Neil Watson, Director, Parched Ltd